Mesotherapy LED Facial Lifting Device

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  • 5 IN 1 SKIN RENEWAL TOOL: This facial massager combine 5 functions in 1 device: The ultrasonic vibrate the cells and stimulate the activity of the cells; The cleansing mode is releasing positive ions help to deep clean your skin; The nutrient absorption mode is releasing negative ions boost to absorb the nutrient; The relax mode is microwave massage, help to relax your skin; The 3 Color LED photon light mode helping to shrink pores and reduce wrinkle, make your skin smoothing and firming
  • 3 COLOR LED PHOTON THERAPY BOOST TO PRODUCE COLLAGEN: Contains 3 colors of LED photon light: The blue light is helping to clean up and reduce the acne in your skin; The Red light is helping to increase the metabolization of cells, boost collagen production, make your skin smooth and firm; The soft green light is specialized in neutralizing skin and calm the nerves, boost to dredge lymph and reduce the skin edema
  • GALVANIC HELP TO DEEP CLEANSING SKIN AND SKIN ABSORPTION: Provides 2 modes for skin deep cleansing and skin absorption. Skin cleansing mode: This mode is combined with ultrasonic, positive ion and relax massage, help to clean the skin more thoroughly; Skin absorption mode: This mode is combined with ultrasonic, negative ion and relax massage, help to boost the skin to absorb the creams
  • MICROWAVE SMOOTHING MASSAGE TO RELAX YOUR SKIN: This facial massager build-in 2 microwave mode: continuous mode and Intermittent mode, up to 12,000 rpm vibration can easily to stimulus the skin, softening the makeup residue, blackheads, grease in the pores, and help to export them outside the skin. On the other hand, the microwave massage also helps to reduce the eye bags and wrinkles, boost collagen production, improve the skin elasticity, make the skin firming and smoothing.